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5 Helpful Tips for Removing a Tree Stump

Best Tips for Removing Tree Stump

· Tree Stump Removal

Your garden is a fantastic place to unwind. You spend the most splendid moments there. It is the result of your arduous work and dedication.

However, there are a few things that become aesthetic blemishes in the garden landscape. They are nothing but the tree stumps that were left after the removal of some unwanted trees.

Want to enrich your knowledge with some essential tips to remove the stumps? Read the blog further, and you will come to know.

Dig out the stump

It is a purely manual method. Hence, it can take up to two weeks if you do it. Remember, it is a labor-intensive method and requires equipment and tools.

You should dig around the roots using a shovel. Make it as close as possible. Exposing the main roots up to the tips.

If the roots are too thick, then you need an axe to cut them. However, it is a highly laborious method. Get some mechanical tools to cut the roots entirely.

Get the stump out and fill the hole.

Cut the stump

You can get powerful stump cutting machines that can cut the stump from the ground level.

The advantage in this method is that you needn’t worry about filling the hole.

Grind the stump

You need stump grinding machine for this. It grinds the stump and the root structure up to one foot below the ground level.

Make sure you wear protective gears such as goggles, gloves, and ear protection. Place the stump grinder over the tree stump. Start grinding the surface and move down through the stump.

When you reach the roots, move it around the border to remove areal roots.

Remove the grindings using a shovel.

When you grind the stump wholly, remove the grindings and fill the hole.

Burn the stump

It is also another way of getting rid of stubborn stumps.

Use the chopped-up tree to use as fire initiator. Lay out everything on top of the stump and surround the stump with wood.

Let the fire go for a few days. You may have to add fuel as well. When the stump burns out completely, use the ash in the garden. It is an excellent organic manure.

Fill the hole and make the ground even.

Chemical stump remover

You can get effective chemical stump removers made from potassium nitrate.

Drill a few holes and put the chemical. It reacts with the wood and makes it soft. Remove it by cutting or burning.

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